How fantastical Can I Be?

In March, a contagion found it’s way into the United States causing the country to just about shut down.

By May, the horrible murder of George Floyd brought the whole world to its knees. In horror, in sadness, and in protest. And, thankfully, an in-depth look, and policy changes for police chokeholds.

Now, it’s early June and we’ve only just begun the second half. What more can happen?

I don’t dare and try to answer that. My hopes are, the worst is behind us; may the second half, be the complete and exact opposite.

As a writer, we often dream up some pretty fantastical stories. In some genres like SciFi and Fantasy, the imagination can run wild—and often does. However, when writing general fiction, has this year’s events allowed us to push the envelope?

When COVID-19 hit us, I would joke about Michael Crichton, or Stephen King, co-authoring the events of this year. But now, would a book be deemed believable, if this year’s events, were the plot?

I’m beginning Book III, “Cést la Vie,” in the Unbroken Series, and I’ve got some pretty wild plot twists. What I might have immediately disregarded as, too far out there… maybe it isn’t?

My editor (who is probably reading this right now and cringing), pulls me back into reality when she thinks my fiction world, becomes too make-believe. Now, who’s to decide what qualifies as, ‘not believable?’

I promise no contagion, or brutality, in “Cést la Vie.” But tell me, just how far can I go before you think, ‘Oh, that would never happen?’