I thought it might be fun to start giving you a small taste of the characters of Facade. Let’s start with Amber since she seems to be the glue that keeps her tribe together.

Amber a rising journalist in one of the top magazines in South Florida is haunted at night by the “Ethical Attorney” she interviewed. Patrick has been teasing her… pleasuring her… owning her body night after night. Too timid when it comes to romancing the opposite sex, she knows she’ll never have the courage to find out if he’s as gifted as she has dreamt. One of her tribeswomen suggest she go undercover and seduce him. It’s a plan she doesn’t think she can pull off. But then again…

Candy shows up at Patrick’s birthday party; the stripper they hired from Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. Candy masterly seduces Patrick to the point they both forget anyone else is in the room. Who is this master seductress? She looks so familiar…

Will fantasy be better than reality? Remember, it’s Facade… things aren’t always as they appear.

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