What’s a BookBub?

From their website: BookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover books they’ll love while providing publishers and authors with a way to drive sales and find new fans. Upon joining, members receive unbeatable deals selected by our expert editorial team, handpicked recommendations from people they trust, and real-time updates from their favorite authors. BookBub works with all major ebook retailers and devices, and partners with thousands of the industry’s leading publishers and authors to promote their books.

Never heard of Bookbub? Don’t worry, neither had I. Once I took a look, I couldn’t believe I had didn’t know they existed. All of my favorite authors in one place… WOO HOO! If you are an avid reader I encourage you to sign up and follow your favorite authors. You can follow up to 30; be sure to make me one of them. www.BookBub.com

I’ve been doing the majority of my marketing through BookBub targeting authors that are similar to me or write similar type books. I’ve had a great response from the ads (.14% – 1.10%); clicks over to my Amazon page however, the actual orders, are very disappointing. I’ve had 178 clicks over to my Kindle page on Amazon in the last 4 days with only 18 pre-orders, and 5 of those I know for sure we from a friend and her family. That’s .073% response when I should be getting close to 50%. I’ve changed the description again. I can’t imagine the price of .99¢ is too much (it states that in the ad they are clicking on) and I know the cover is awesome (that too they see in the ad) so it must be the description. I’ve paused my ads for now as I just changed my description to be an excerpt from the book. Your book’s description is so important yet so very difficult to write. Once the new description goes live, I’ll reactive my ads and hope for more pre-orders from the clicks. Fingers and toes crossed. I’m open to suggestions.

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