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So what exactly does it take for a book to get a ‘Best Seller’ status? I’m glad you asked. To hit the Wall Street Journal’s best seller list, you’ll have to sell at least 3,000 books in the first week. That’s right, in one week. If you aspire to be a best seller on the New York Times list, make that 9,000 also, in the first week. To become an Amazon best seller, it’s a little trickier. When you set up your book for the first time, you’ll select your categories however Amazon will only give you about 200 choices. Fact is, there are actually over 1200 categories. With a little ingenuity, picking the right, least competitive categories, can help you obtain that elite status. Now some authors pick obscure categories that really have nothing to do with their book so the competition is scarce. Just selling a few books will give them that Best Seller status. When setting up Facade I searched through most of those 1200 categories and picked the 10-best options. All are relevant to Facade. So far today, Facade is #14 in one of the categories; yesterday I was #12…. almost in the top 10. It just so happens Oprah’s Book Club pick (she started her Book Club back up last month with Apple through their iBooks) is the #1 book in that category. What are the odds and how do I get an advance copy of Facade to Oprah? It’s tough to get credibility when you’ve just released your first book and it’s not even being released for 3 more months. Why did I pre-launch Facade with a 90-period? That’s a topic for another blog post. Why would anyone want to buy Facade? Well, first hopefully the price tag of just .99¢ is more attractive than $7.99, the price the eBook will be when it goes live. Second, hopefully the cool cover (I know, never judge a book by it’s cover but we still do) and the description and few editorials listed on the Amazon page. I’ve invested heavily on Bookbub and Amazon ads so fingers are crossed, they work. What’s Bookbub you ask (again, so glad you did). Bookbub is one of the largest databases of authors and their books and avid readers. Bookbub is huge! That being said, I had no idea who they were either. Check them out. I’m also relying heavily on friends and family to not only fork out their own .99¢ to buy the eBook but also to share the news about Facade on their pages. I keep posting and asking for people to share so if you’re reading this… did you share my latest Facade post on your page? LOL you know I have to ask. 😉 Here’s to lots more sales and that coveted Best Seller Status (at least on Amazon). I’ll work on the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times with DéJà Vu.

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