Confidence not conceit…

Melody Saleh - Author/Storyteller

Well, here I am… my first blog. Welcome to my crazy world of getting my first book published. Façade was started almost 30-years ago and now I’m ready to publish. Good things come to those who wait? Patience, my dear patience… All in due time. Everything I’ve told myself these past years or rather should I say, my excuses; procrastination. It’s a bit scary putting yourself out there. I mean, you have to have some confidence in yourself. You have to think “Wow, this is good. People are going to want to read my book.” But then on the other hand, isn’t that just a bit conceited? PHEW! Welcome to my world. Thankfully I pushed forward enough to have a few people read Façade. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. So, yes… they loved it and said I was a great writer (notice how now I’m great not just good). Their enthusiasm and pats on the back are just what I needed. It’s been a lot of work. No, not writing the book; that’s the easy part. This crazy world of Independent Publishing. Who knew there was so much to learn. I think I’m starting to get a handle on it now. No wait, that won’t work; I KNOW I have a handle on it now and am ready to push forward. So, I’ll try to blog as much as possible and I’ll go backwards a bit to give you an inside glimpse on how I’ve gotten here.

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